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Books that Katy Loves:


King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub 

by Don and Audrey Wood 

(picture book)


by Peter Reynolds 

(picture book)

Each Little Bird that Sings 

by Deborah Wiles 


A Bridge to Terabithia 

by Katherine Paterson 


The Book Thief  

by Markus Zusak

(young adult)

Things that Gives Katy the Creeps:


Any snake—big or small, fake or real, dead or alive


Deep water

Pickle Juice

The Burger King king



Foods that Katy Could 
Eat Every Single Day:


Greek yogurt with granola




Cotton Candy




Things that Makes Katy Giggle:


Her dog, Pedro


Her dog, Pedro (He is SO funny, I had to list him twice!)



Thing Katy Probably Shouldn’t Tell You:


She doesn’t like milk. 

(She loves cereal though—so she’s known to dip up a bite of cereal and drain off the milk before eating it.)

By the Numbers


The Basics: 


I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in (I’ll let you guess the year. Be kind.), and lived all of my life in Arkansas until we recently moved to Florida. I spend my time walking, biking, playing golf, lazing on the beach, and playing with my wild and crazy dog, Pedro (He’s an Australian Shepherd—and a comedian—and even though he’s fully grown, I call him my 65-pound puppy). 

A Reader From Waaaay Back:


I’ve always loved to read. In fact, when I was in second grade, I decided that I’d read every single book in the school library. Do you think I succeeded? Well, no. But in my defense, there were LOTS of books in that library! Some of my favorite books when I was young were Katy No-Pocket, written by Emmy Payne and illustrated by H.A. Rey (can’t imagine why), Millions of Cats, written and illustrated by Wanda Gag (sorry Pedro. I was a major cat lover in those days), and The Funny Little Woman, written by Arlene Mosel and illustrated by Blair Lent (fun book about a woman who's lost her dumpling!)


Another testament to my reading obsession occurred when I showed my son a picture of me (when I was about 5) and my Sunday School class and I asked him if he could guess which one was me, he said, “That’s easy. You’re the one holding the book.” 

Writing Weirdness:


My love of reading transitioned into my love for writing. My first published works appeared in children’s magazines. As a kid, I loved reading quirky stories that included little known facts. I wrote fiction, too, but the love of weirdness led me down the nonfiction path. I wrote about sugar gliders, jellyfish, an albino gorilla, the history of the golf ball, and many other topics. With nonfiction, I could learn and write about whatever interested me! Cool.


Writing—the HARD Part:


From magazines, I transitioned mainly to book writing, both picture books and nonfiction books for older readers. As for my writing process, I need to admit something—my least favorite part of writing is spilling out that very first story draft. For some reason, when the brilliant story that’s in my head comes out on paper, it’s like FIZZLE! SPUTTER! SPLAT! It is NOT AT ALL what I meant to write. How can that be? It’s like a major disconnect. But, no worries….


Writing—the BEST Part:


My favorite part of the writing process comes next. Revision. When I revise, I can take that fizzling, sputtering splat of a mess and turn it into something lovely and fun and sometimes (but not always) pretty darn good. And that makes me pretty darn happy. 



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