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Extraordinary Structures 

for Extraordinary Animals


Author: Katy Duffield

Illustrator: Mike Orodán

Ages: 3 to 8

48 pages

Simon & Schuster/Beach Lane

ISBN 10: 1534465790

ISBN 13: 978-1534465794

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Crossings by Katy Duffield

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*Kirkus Best Picture Books of 2020 List
*Kirkus Starred Review
*School Library Journal Starred Review
*Amazon Editor's Pick for Kid's Nonfiction 
*Junior Library Guild Selection
*Chicago Public Library Best Kid's Nonfiction List
*Fuse 8's Favorite Nonfiction Books of 2020
*Eureka! Gold Book Award--California Reading Assoc.
*2021 ALA Notables List
*Bank Street Edu's Best Book of 2021 list



You may have heard this old joke—Why did the chicken cross the road? (To get to the other side!). That’s a silly joke, but keeping wildlife safe as they make their way across busy roads is no joke at all. Thankfully, some brilliant animal lovers found unique ways to help wild animals cross roads and highways safely by building a variety of wildlife crossings throughout the world. Crossings: Extraordinary Structures for Extraordinary Animals takes a look at some of these crossings. 


I was recently interviewed for Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine. While only a few excerpts were included in the article, you can read the entire article here: 


Overpasses, underpasses, even rope bridges are the focus of this intriguing informational picture book….Clean, crisp illustrations on double-page spreads show well, making this a good choice for a group read-aloud. There’s a two-level text, a simple sentence in a large font stating animal, crossing technology, and location, the smaller paragraphs providing further information about planning, specialized building, and uses….


An unusual focus on one way humans and animals can coexist in our world.

—Kirkus Reviews, STARRED

"VERDICT: An important, positive conservation message, and a perfect nonfiction addition to preschool story time or a beginning informational picture book collection.

-Amy Fellows, Multnomah County Library” 

—School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

A lovely look at how STEM is solving problems and saving animals.


Squirrel Glider, Crossings by Katy Duffield
For More Information

If you’d like to see animals using wildlife crossings, take a look at these cool videos!


Various Animals using Banff Crossings (from Parks Canada):

Various Animals using Florida Crossings (from Florida Department of Transportation):

Various Animals using Crossings in Montana (from People’s Way Partnership):

Titi Monkeys on Monkey Bridge (From Larry Kraft)

Blue Penguins Using Tunnels (from TomoNews US)

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